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Here is everything you need for English on Friday.


  1. Grab your Learning Journal. 
  2. If you haven't already, write the date Friday 15th January 2021 and the LO: I am drafting my importance of teeth paragraph.
  3. Watch the video and listen carefully to Miss Rash's instructions. 
  4. Pause the video when Miss Rash says and write a section at a time. 

Video Lesson

Miss Rash's Example


All You Need to Know About Teeth


Why are teeth important?

There are a variety of different reasons why teeth important. They do a lot of extremely vital jobs in the human body, such as helping us to eat and to speak clearly. 


Without teeth, we would not be able to eat solid foods. Instead, we would have to eat smooth foods, just like babies have to. Firstly, we use our incisors to cut up our food into smaller pieces, so that our food is easier to swallow and digest. The canines, which are our pointed teeth, tear up chewy foods that incisors cannot cut through easily. Lastly, our premolars help us to grind up and crush our food. 


Interestingly, teeth also help us to speak clearly. We use our tongue to pronounce different sounds and words. Our teeth help us with this, because they act as a barrier for the tongue. The tongue has to move in different positions to make various sounds. The teeth give the tongue somewhere to rest against and keep our tongues in our mouths. 

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