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Homework for 15.01.21 


Homework for this week is to try and send a picture via email from your tablet, parent's phone or device of a piece of work that you are most proud of this week! 


Send it to your class email address:


The subject of the email should include your name and your email must contain a sentence or two explaining why you are proud of it.


We look forward to seeing your fantastic work!

Homework Grid

As part of your homework we would like you to choose an activity from the grid and complete one activity per week. 


Homework/ Family Activity Grid

Here are some ideas that you can try with your family. Complete one activity per week.


Create a junk model of your house.

What things can you find from home to use?

How can you make the model 3D?

How does it resemble your house?



Take a virtual tour of Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.


  • What was your favourite part of the gallery? Why?



Ask your parents to share their favourite childhood stories in their home language.


  • Retell that story with actions.
  • Write the story as a short book.



Write a letter as a family about your experiences so far, as if you are writing to someone 20 years from now.


  • How have you felt during this experience?
  • What advice would you give?




Write a funny family story, where each person writes the next sentence. Then read it all together for fun!


  • Which part was the funniest? Why?
  • Now write a sequel to the story making it even funnier! 😊



Help to cook or bake something from a family recipe. It can be a traditional family favourite.


  • Can you create a set of instructions for it so that somebody else can make it?



Listen to an astronaut read a story from space!


  • Which story did you enjoy? Why?
  • What story would you ask the astronaut to read from Space? Why?





Create your own invention using recycled materials.


  • What will it do?
  • What are its functions?
  • How will it help people?


Keep a diary for a week.


  • What was your most memorable experience? Why?



Follow a recipe to make playdough and create something fun with it!




Build a den. Use duvets, pillows and blankets to create your very own den.


  • Have a picnic by the torchlight
  • Read a book
  • Play board games
  • Tell stories


Create a mini outdoor Sports Day together.


  • Sack race
  • Egg and spoon race
  • Tin can alley
  • Fill the bucket with water using a sponge

Or any other games that you can think of!



We would love to see some pictures and comments for these activities, so please send to the email addresses provided by your class teacher.


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