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 For this unit of Literacy, as part of our Animals Topic, we are working on the story, 'John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat', by Jenny Wagner.


This is a lovely story about family, relationships with pets, love and jealousy.


The book blurb says, 'Rose lived with her dog, John Brown.  "We're all right, John Brown,' said rose.  'Just the two of us, you and me'.  But she reckoned without the mysterious midnight cat.


Think about pets that you have at home, or a pet you would like to have.


Why are our pets special to us?


Look at the front cover of the book, 'John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat'.  Discuss the feelings of Rose and John Brown.  Where do you think the Midnight Cat might be?

 Look at the attached document which has got some true and false (not true) statements.

Copy out the statements and then write down if the statement is true or false.  You will need to look at the video of 'John, Rose and the Midnight Cat' again, to remind yourself of the story, or you could read the text.


 You have completed your true and false statements, you can add three statements about the story of your own.  If you feel confident , you could add one statement that is not true!

Watch the BBC Bitesize video about how to look after your pet.  Think about questions to ask other children at school about their pets:

Number your questions:

These are some examples:

1. How many pets do you have at home?

2. What do you give your pets to eat?

3. Where do your pets sleep?


See if you can add another three questions to your questionnaire.


Add a picture of a common pet, like a dog or a cat.

 Think about the two pets in the story of, 'John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat', the dog, John Brown and the Midnight Cat.

 Fold a piece of paper in half and draw a picture of the cat on one side and the dog on the other side.  Write a description of the cat under your picture and a description of the dog under the other picture.  Think about the pet's characters and their appearance.


Which is your favourite pet?  Why have you made this decision?


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