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Monday 11th January


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3



I am learning to use ten times greater for times tables facts.

Complete arithmetic.

Work through the PowerPoint and watch the video on the website. Have a go at working out some on your whiteboard.






I am learning about relative embedded clauses.

Watch the video and complete the matching activity.


I am learning to develop a deeper understanding of the text.

Go through the PowerPoint step by step and complete the challenges. 


I am learning to identify the features of Stratford upon Avon.

You will explore the birthplace of Shakespeare.

See the session three section for your PowerPoint for this session and your instructions.

What do I need?

  • Whiteboard/pen
  • Pencil/ruler
  • Black pen
  • Whiteboard/pen
  • Pencil/pen/ruler
  • Whiteboard/pen
  • Pencil/pen/ruler
Session 1 Maths
Session 2 SPAG/English

Draw this table into your book and match the appropriate relative clauses.


The shops, 

who has brown hair, is running to the sea. 

The sun,      

which is by the sea, is so beautiful today. 

The boy      

that is in the sky, is shining down on me.

The beach 

that sells ice cream, is opened by the bay. 


Session 3: Topic- Stratford upon Avon

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