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On the Moon By Anna Milbourne and Benji Davies Storybook

Storybook "On the Moon" by Anna Milbourne and Benji Davies read by Ms Murray

Now you have listened to the story, think about these questions.


Who visits the moon?

Can you name any astronauts?

How is the moon described throughout the story?

How do astronauts travel to the moon?

Where do astronauts sit in the rocket?

How long does it take to reach the moon?

What happens once the astronauts reach the moon?

Why do astronauts wear spacesuits?

How is the moon different to Earth?

What is gravity and how does it work?


Extra Activities


  • Role play being an astronaut
  • Design your own rocket
  • Collage or paint the moon
  • Create a spacesuit
  • Write a letter from space

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