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smileyWelcome to Nursery!smiley


Your teachers in Nursery are Miss Gardiner, Mrs Jagpal and Mrs Akhtar.

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Half Term Holiday Homework Activity!


Over half term we would like the children to find out about Bonfire night and why it is celebrated. There are lots of links below to help you to find out all about Guy Fawkes, The Houses of Parliament and Fireworks.


Your holiday homework challenge is to create your own fantastic firework, take a picture of your creation and email to us @


There are some pictures below to give you some inspiration to create your own fantastic firework.

Here are some ideas to help you!

Why not try one of these ideas?

The children are all settling well into Nursery and have made a great start to the year getting to know their teachers, as well as making new friends. They have already been very busy exploring their environment and learning about new things. 


The website is here to help support you to be able to help your child to continue learning at home in the evenings, weekends and holidays as well as if they are not at school as they are having to isolate.


We will keep you up to date with activities that they children can do at any time of the day as well as things that are relevant to what we are learning at Nursery at the moment. We hope you find it useful!smiley


Our current topic is 'Ourselves'  and the children will be exploring what makes them unique, as well as similarities and differences between themselves  and others. Some of the things the children will be thinking about are:

  • The people that are in their families
  • Their friends 
  • Things they like/dislike
  • Feelings - including what makes them feel happy, sad, cross and worried
  • Sharing with others and showing affection to others
  • Their favourite stories, rhymes and songs
  • How to make sure you are keeping clean
  • How to make sure you are healthy (food and exercise)

And much, much more.........

Here are some of the books we will be reading at Nursery. Why not purchase one for your child to read at home or go online to hear the story using the links provided.

What can I do at home?

Create your own self portrait

It is very important that the children are able to put their own coats, hats and gloves on.  Remember to practise zipping their coats up too! Children should also be able to put their own shoes on and take them off, so remember to wear velcro shoes not laces.
Here are some fun songs for the children to learn at home!

Number, Shape, Space and Measure

The children are very inquisitive about the world around them, there are lots of things you can do at home, at the shops, whilst  cooking, on a walk or on the way up the stairs o help your child to learn and question the things that happen around them.


Some simple activities that can be done throughout the day are:


  • Counting ( steps, people at home, jumps, red cars, how many slices of toast they have, vegetables/ fruits on their plates, )
  • Count claps, jumps , hops, stomps.
  • Ask children to put a chosen amount of 'carrots' on each plate - can they put the correct amount.
  • Put 10 'grapes' on a plate ask the children to count them. Then eat one and recount- repeat this every time- what is happening to the amount as they eat them?
  • Put lots of crisps on one plate a just a few on the other, which plate does your child choose? Ask them why they chose that plate? Can they use 'more', 'a lot' 'less' or 'a little'
  • Cut toast into different size pieces, can they choose the smallest/ largest one to eat first. Who should have the smallest piece in our family? Why? Who should have the biggest piece? Why? Why not cut it into different shapes - ask them what shape they would like their toast in today.
  • Talk about what you did earlier/ yesterday , what you are doing now and what you will do later/ tomorrow.
  • Go on a shape hunt around the house can the find something that looks like a circle, square, rectangle or triangle. Practise the shape names to help them to remember.
  • Place hide the teddy by putting it on top, under, next to and behind something. Can your child tell you where the teddy is using the words 'on top, under, behind and next to'?
  • Play tidy up games how fast can they put things into the right places - can they sort all the cars into a box, dolls into a different box etc. Can they sort thing by their colour e.g. put all the red things in a bag, all the yellow toys in a different bag etc.
  • Go on a leaf hunt and see how many leaves you can collect - can count them and then sort them into different coloured leaves/ different shaped leaves or different sized leaves?
  • If it's a rainy day , how many puddles can they find to splash in? 
  • Count the ducks on the lake at the park.
  • Look for numbers at home and outside such as on buses, registration plates, door numbers, road signs.
  • Help children to recognise numbers 1 - 5 then 1-10 , by matching the numeral 1 with 1 car, the numeral 2 with 2 cars etc. You can write the numbers on a small piece of paper and keep them to use over and over again. 
  • Talk about numbers - how old they are , brothers, sisters, cousins or friends ages.
  • Encourage children to talk about what they draw e.g. how many people have you drawn? what shape is that? how many eyes do they have etc.

Be creative and use the things your child enjoys playing with to make learning fun and exciting!


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