Welcome back to the Spring term. Please wear a mask if you need to enter the school site.

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Snow Day Activities!

Have some fun in the snow! 

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Snow  name writing

Have a go at writing your name in the snow. Remember to think about which letter comes next.


Snowman/ Snow creature building

Can you build a snowman or even a snow creature?

Whilst building, think about the shapes and sizes you need to create your snowman/ snow creature. Once you have made it, think about what you are going to add to it such as eyes and a nose. What could you use?


Snow Angels

Can you make a snow angel? 


Footprints in the snow

Go on a walk with your family or have a look in the garden and see if you can spot any animal footprints in the snow. 

What animal/s could they belong to?


Painting in the snow

Using paint, create some beautiful pictures in the snow! 

What will you paint? What colours will you use and why?


Build a snow house or a snow fort

Have a go at creating your very own snow house or snow fort. Think about how big you want them to be and who might come to visit. Maybe you could add some of your toys to your creations!


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