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Supporting your Child's Wellbeing - COVID-19

It is a worrying time for your children at the moment, with many changes taking place to daily lives and routines.


Expert advice reminds us to:

  • Limit your child's exposure to social media and the internet without your supervision- they may be seeing and hearing non-factual information
  • Talk to them about the facts- share correct, age appropriate information
  • Talk to your child about how they are feeling- acknowledge and accept their feelings, however they are feeling is ok
  • Create as much of a new routine as is possible
  • Connect regularly- they may need extra love, cuddles, attention and time



Children will display their worries in different ways depending on their age. You might experience an increase in more challenging and difficult behaviours at home whilst the children are coming to terms with some BIG emotions- it is a confusing and scary time.


Some behaviour you may see might include:


Younger children (age 3 to 6)

Children might start to show behaviour you thought they had grown out of:

* toileting accidents & bed-wetting

* being frightened about being separated from their parents or caregivers

* tantrums

* difficulty sleeping


Older children (age 7 to 10)

* may feel sad, angry, or afraid

* may be overly worried due to being told incorrect information by peers or older siblings

* may focus on details of the situation and want to talk about it all the time, or not want to talk about it at all

* may have trouble concentrating.


(information taken fro guidance- referenced below).



If you feel your child needs some extra support at home please use some of the links, videos and resources below to help them to talk through their feelings. 



Explaining coronavirus in a child friendly way:

Child friendly videos and websites to help explain the coronavirus outbreak to them and answer any questions they may have.

PLAYMOBIL ROBert explains the coronavirus for children

The whole world is talking about the coronavirus. Schools have closed, and children are asking a lot of questions. This movie uses PLAYMOBIL to explain what is happening and why is a simple and interesting way for children.

Printable Activity Sheets:

Please print out if you have access to a printer- these support you to have conversations with your child about their feelings and possible worries in relation to coronavirus.

COVIBOOK - a prinatable story and activity pack to help talk through coronavirus with your child.

REACH - mental wellbeing activity sheets to support having conversations about your children's worries and emotions as well as helping them to think about things that make them happy..

Relaxation and breathing strategies:

Try these with your child to teach them ways that they can manage their emotions.

If you feel your child needs more specialist help or resources:

If you have more serious concerns that your child is struggling with their mental wellbeing and you feel you need more specialist support to help them please use the following links.


Your family GP- they can offer advice, support and make referrals if necessary.


Forward Thinking Birmingham - PAUSE Clinic

Due to COVID-19 the drop-in clinic is not running. Advice from specialist, trained mental health practitioners can be obtained though the following methods:

Email -

Tel- 0207 841 4470

Opening hours are 10am-6pm 7 days a week


Forward Thinking Birmingham Access Centre CRISIS TEAM (if you need urgent help)

0121 262 3555


Educational Psychology

The school Educational Psychology service are offering a free support service for parents. Please read the flyer below for information on who and how to contact.






How to support your child through a bereavement:

If your family has sadly experienced the loss of a relative or loved one during this time you may find yourself try to manage your own emotions as well as those of your child.


Below are two useful advice documents for parents and carers, created by the school Educational Psychology service, to support you in talking to your child. There are strategies to talk through loss, help them deal with their grief and understand some of the more challenging behaviours they may express as they try to come to terms with their feelings.


If you have suffered a loss, please also make sure you are getting the support that you need to help you through this difficult time. Our Parent Wellbeing page has some useful advice and support links.


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Safeguarding Information

At Conway safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice

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