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Thursday 11th February 2021


Session 1 Maths

Session 2 English

Session 3 – Art


I am learning to use my mathematical knowledge to solve problems and complete challenges.


You have a number of websites which we would like you to explore. These include mathematical challenges through games and interactive tasks.


Try each one then email your response to your teacher. Tell your teacher the following: 

  • The name of the activity e.g. Practice square numbers
  • How you found the activity e.g. I enjoyed this because it was fun and interactive
  • What you did e.g. I found square numbers e.g. 5x5















SPaG: Bitesize lesson – Apostrophes

Follow the lesson using the link and complete Activity 3 on your Teams Assignment sheet

Activity 3 -Write five sentences either describing what you saw in the video or explaining why bees are so important to us.

I am learning about the impact that canals had on trade and transport in Britain.

View the PowerPoint presentation titled ‘Navvies’ below and answer the questions on your Teams assignments sheet.  



Create a visual map of ‘The Hobbit’ world.


Bilbo and the other Dwarves have already travelled through some interesting places and are always talking about the next place they are due to arrive at.


Below is a list of the places (in order) that they have visited or are heading towards.


Your task this week is to created an imaginary map showing these places, on A3 Paper.

It should include illustrations and place names


The Hobbit-Lands (where Bilbo lives – Hobbit Houses!)


-The Lone – Lands (Dreary hills, gloomy old castles and trolls!)


-The Running River (With an ancient stone bridge)


-The Fair Valley of Rivendell (Trees, rivers, tall flowers and The Last Homely House)


-The Misty mountains (with snowy-peaks)


-The Wilderland (Where Smaug lies)


Below is an example of a map



What do I need?




Whiteboard pen.


Bitesize link

PowerPoint slides below

Teams assignment

Art task document

Examples of maps


Colouring pencils/pens



Still image for this video

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