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Thursday 7th

Thursday 7th January


Session 1 Maths

Session 2 English

Session 3 Art


CGP Book.


SPaG: CGP Book (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling)

Reading: CGP Book (Comprehension)



Mental Maths fun




Now arrange the numbers from smallest at the bottom to largest at the top.


Write in your books:




Copy and complete these questions in your Maths Book.


  1. 1367 + 2745 =
  2. 3246 – 217 =
  3. 143 x 3 =
  4. 127 x 13 =
  5. 432 ÷ 4 =
  6. 432 ÷18 =
  7. 2  1/3  + ¼ =
  8. (7+9) x 3 – 1 =


CGP book – pp1 and 2


Write the LO


I am learning to write numbers in words and figures


Then answer questions from page 1:  1 a-d, 3 a-d

P2: 2 join the digits to the number written in words

3: c-d


Write date in your book

Write your subheading:

SPaG – Conjunctions (p.15)

Complete Question 1

Write the passage in your book with the conjunctions included.


Complete Question 2

Rewrite the passage in your book by adding conjunctions to make it flow better.


SPaG – Linking paragraphs with Adverbials (p.16)

Complete question 1

Write out the passage and underline adverbial phrases


Complete question 2

Write the passage out, choosing the best word or phrase from the brackets to complete each paragraph.


Write your subheading:


­Read ‘Olympic Torch Relay’, on page 12.

Copy the questions on page 13 into your learning journals and write your answers.



Use the internet to research hobbit holes (a J.R.R.Tolkie creation).

Your task is to draw a hobbit hole and can colour in if you wish.

If you would like to create your own, rather than looking at the online pictures for inspiration, go ahead!


Try and email a picture of your creation to your class email!



What do I need?

  • Maths CGP Book.
  • Maths exercise book
  • Pencil/ruler
  • SPaG CGP Book
  • Comprehension CGP Book
  • Learning journal
  • Pen/pencil/ruler


  • Learning journal
  • Pen/pencil/ruler
  • Internet

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