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We are going to focus on the book, 'The Night of The Gargoyles', by Eve Bunting as our text this week.  Some of you will remember reading this book last November.

The book is rather creepy, and tells the story of the gargoyles, who stand as stone statues at night, but which come alive at night.  When they come alive, they scare the local people who live in the town, by playing sneaky tricks on them and by their creepy movements.

NIGHT OF THE GARGOYLES Children's Storytime Read Aloud

NIGHT OF THE GARGOYLES Children's Storytime Read Aloud

Once you have watched the youtube video of 'The Gargoyles, then think about these questions:

1. When do the gargoyles wake up?

2. Where do they visit in the town?

3. What do you think the gargoyles are feeling as they creep around the town?

4. Who do you think the gargoyles scare each night?

5. What happens when the sun begins to rise?

6. Can you write a short diary entry in role as if you are one of the gargoyles?

pictures of Gargoyles

Can you draw a picture of a Gargoyle?  Use your pencil to shade your Gargoyle.  Don't forget to add some shadows.

Have a look on the internet at photographs of the famous Gargoyles on the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.  Some of these Gargoyles are over 600 years old!


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