EYFS & KS1 parents - Week 3 learning packs - Friday 15th January between 1.00-3.00pm - Please return this week's learning packs for teachers to mark and collect the Week 3 home learning packs - Please enter the school via the Caretakers gate entrance on Conway Road and collect from the Year 2 classroom entrance. Changes in contact details - Please can we ask parents to keep school updated with any new mobile numbers or email addresses so that you are receiving any important messages from school - Thank you.

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Vision, Values and Ethos

“Achievement for all”

Mission Statement


Conway aims to:

1. Promote the highest possible standards of achievement and the development of all pupils’ full potential.

2. Develop as inclusive schools, fostering positive attitudes to learning and behaviour and developing pupils’ skills teamwork and independence.

3. Provide a learning environment in which pupils can build the foundations of lifelong learning and develop into balanced, enterprising and mature adults.

4. Provide a secure environment where pupils know how to assess risks, are confident to try new things and know how to keep themselves safe.

5. Support vulnerable pupils and provide the care they need to overcome barriers to their well-being and learning.

6. Involve parents, governors and the community in the learning process, emphasising the importance of good attendance, the home school partnership and the community curriculum.

7. Promote tolerance, respect and a value for all people, their beliefs and their culture.

8. Support all staff in their personal and professional development for the benefit of the school as a whole.

9. Give pupils and staff opportunities to celebrate and share their cultural backgrounds, with the whole school community. To build self-esteem and the confidence to uphold personal, moral and spiritual values within a secure and diverse learning environment.

10. Respect and care for the school buildings and grounds and the property of others.

11. Ensure the equality of opportunity for all pupils and staff, taking into account their gender, ethnicity, cultural heritage, religion and ability.

12.Be a forward looking federation, making positive contributions and prepared to embrace new ideas, working in partnership with networks of schools and other agencies to promote high standards.

Our Trust values


Excellence, partnership and perseverance.

At pupil level, these are interpreted as:

• Excellence - we give our best at work and at play; we aim high; we believe in ourselves; we enjoy learning; we love to contribute; we are curious; we celebrate success; we think about our learning; we are successful; we achieve well independently; we are proud of our work; we understand that there are steps on the way to excellence; we understand that excellence is achieved through partnership (working with others) and perseverance (what we do as individuals)

• Partnership – we work together; we listen to each other; we share and take turns; we learn from each other; we respect each other; we are sincere; we are good citizens of Birmingham, the United Kingdom and the world; we contribute; we are happy; we feel safe; we look after our school; we are part of a team; we are part of a family; we help each other to achieve well; we believe everyone is equal

• Perseverance – we don’t give up; we try our best; we are not afraid to make mistakes; we learn from our mistakes; we can talk about our learning; we take responsibility for our learning; we are helping to make our own futures; we can change if we need to; we can find solutions; we look forward.

Promoting British values at Conway Primary School


A guide for our pupils -



  • Through our school council you can have your say
  • In lessons you can listen to each others opinions
  • Speaking and listening activities promote discussions
  • You are part of Conway but you are also part of the wider community of Sparkbrook and Britain


Individual Liberty:

  • We listen to every child through pupil voice
  • Through our comprehensive PSHE curriculum your rights are promoted
  • You are encouraged to make the right choices about how you learn and how you behave


Mutual Respect:

  • Our classroom rules help us to understand how to listen and share and to look after each other
  • Our assemblies teach us about different faiths
  • Our Personal Safety Curriculum teaches us to show respect and tolerance for different genders, ages, cultures, sexualities and disabilities
  • Our Anti-Bullying workshops and lessons teach us about how our behaviours can affect others and how we can change what we do if we upset others 


Rule of Law:

  • We have lots of policies about how things are done at Conway and these are shared with parents
  • We learn about our rights and also our responsibilities through our PSHE lessons


Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs:

  • At Conway the whole school community is encouraged to show respect and tolerance for different people, faiths, cultures and languages
  • We recognise the cultural diversity of our country and of cultures around the world and our work in History and Geography helps us do this
  • We enjoy studying art and listening to music much of which reflects the multicultural, multi-faith Britain we live in today
  • We celebrate special days and festivals throughout the year

Bottom Information

Safeguarding Information

At Conway safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice

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