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WC 07.06.21

1) This week we have been using a lot of new vocabulary. Here is a glossary for you revise. 


  • trade: swap/exchange; can refer to selling/buying goods.
  • caravan: a company/group of traders travelling together.
  • missionary: a person sent abroad by a church/religious group to work.
  • merchant: a person who buys and sells lots of goods.
  • polytheism: belief in several/many gods.
  • monotheism: belief in one God.
  • pilgrimage: journey, usually to a religious place.
  • territory: a plot/an area of land that belongs to someone.
  • diverse: having variety/differences.
  • peninsula: specific, narrow strip of land.
  • conquest: the act of taking an area/place.
  • hub: the central/most important part of a place.
  • goods: valuable items/products that people sell.
  • Caliph (khalifa): the chief Muslim civil and religious ruler, regarded as the successor of Muhammad (PBUH).

  • Caliphate: area ruled by Muslim civil and religious leader.

  • dynasty: a line of hereditary rulers of a country.


2) Trade Routes

Can you spot which countries the trade routes included?

What kinds of things do you think were traded? Why?


Ibn - Sina

3) Who was Ibn-Sina? Can you remember the facts you'd researched about him in ICT this week?


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