Welcome back to the Spring term. Please wear a mask if you need to enter the school site.

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Wednesday 16th September 2020

Good morning 6J! You have all been working hard at home and it has been great speaking to you over the last couple of days. Keep up the good work!

Here are some extra tasks to do alongside your work from your packs:



  1. 87,654 + 14, 625 =
  2.  _________________= 3,500 + 700
  3. 678 x 5 =
  4. 432 ÷ 4 =
  5.  100 x 5643 =
  6. 32 + 52 =
  7. 23 - 2=
  8. 53 x 27 =
  9. 2/5 of 60 =
  10. 560 ÷ 10 =
  11. Round 84 ,516

To the nearest 10 =

To the nearest 100 =

To the nearest 1000 =



At the start of June, there were 1,793 toy cars in the shop. During June, 8,728 more toy cars were delivered and 9,473 toy cars were sold.

How many toy cars were left in the shop at the end of June?


Handwriting Practice:

Using your reading books, copy out a page of text, ensuring you are writing in cursive style with consistent letter size and formation. 


Physical Health:

The weather has been lovely recently and the sun has been shining bright! Take advantage of the good weather and keep physical in the garden. Maybe do your own version of the Golden Mile at home? Running, walking, jogging, pigeon steps, sprinting, jumping, zombies... The list is endless! How many different kinds of laps can you do? Have a go and be ready to feedback before our Golden Mile session next Thursday! 



Create a family tree. You may need to ask your parents for some extra information here.

Hint: the horizontal lines (--------------- )are people in the same generation (Brothers / sisters / cousins). The vertical lines are for people who came before you. The equals sign means married those two people are married. Here is Miss Grogan’s family tree as an example. Practice on scrap paper before putting into your exercise books as they are tricky to get right!



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