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Wednesday 6th

Wednesday 6th January


Session 1 Maths

Session 2 English

Session 3 Topic


CGP Book.

Subtraction Page 7 and 8

SPaG: CGP Book (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling)

Reading: CGP Book (Comprehension)



Arithmetic Practice: Mental maths practice

Follow the instructions to play the game


CGP Book

Read the instructions carefully for each question.

Use your book for your working out.

Set the working out neatly.


Write date in your book

Write your subheading:

SPaG - (p.12)

Complete Question 1

Write the sentences out in your books with M or S next to the sentence.


Complete Question 2

Write the sentences out, adding a suitable relative clause.


Write your subheading:


­Read ‘Poems about Seasons’ on page 14.

Copy the questions on page 15 into your learning journals and write your answers.


Write learning sentence:

I am learning about figures from the past using reliable sources of information


Our topic is ‘Tolkien’s Birmingham’ where we will be learning about J.R.R.Tolkien and the world in which he lived.


How much do you know about J.R.R.Tolkien?


Your task is to find out 10 facts about Tolkien and bullet point them in your books.


Some links you might find useful:

What do I need?

  • Maths CGP Book.
  • Maths exercise book
  • Pencil/ruler
  • SPaG CGP Book
  • Comprehension CGP Book
  • Learning journal
  • Pen/pencil/ruler
  • Learning journal
  • Pen/pencil/ruler
  • Internet

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