Welcome back to the Spring term. Please wear a mask if you need to enter the school site.

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Week Five (1st - 5th February)

Happy February!! 

Monday 1st February


Session 1  Maths

Session 2 English

Session 3  Art


All Maths Work is on the website. Arithmetic and Main task you can complete on the sheet and send to your teacher, or you can complete the work inside your Maths book. Take a photo and send it or email your teacher to let them know the work is inside your book.




Main Task:


I am learning how to multiply fractions with different denominations


Watch these video clips explaining how to multiply fractions. Then complete the challenges.

Watch video explaining today’s tasks


Reading – inference

Look at the picture and answer the questions on Teams sheet


I am learning how to plan for my writing


Watch the clip/read the extract (An Unexpected Party)


Answer the questions based on the part of the story

Perspective Drawing


Last Art lesson, you drew an image with a one point perspective horizon.


Your task today is to recreate Tolkien’s painting ‘Eeriness’ using your knowledge of perspective.


On the website there is Tolkien’s drawing which you will recreate as well as some examples.



Videos on Website

  • Maths exercise book


Video on website

The Hobbit Chapter One Extract

Film extract link

Teams sheet

Learning journal (some)


Painting from website

Paper and pencil

Colours (optional)


The Hobbit - An Unexpected Party.mp4

Still image for this video

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