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Year 1

Welcome to the Year 1 Home Learning page!


We will update this page with home learning activities and links. The work on this page is to add to the home learning from The Oak National Academy lessons we want your children to work through each day.


Each week we will also add the Robin Hood Academy learning projects for you to access.


We hope you are staying safe and doing lots of fun learning. We would love to see all your work. Please use the email addresses  below to send us your fantastic work.


Week commencing:06/07/2020


Identify one more and one less using objects.  If children are confident with this focus on ten more and ten less.



Think of adjectives to describe the picture below. Then write a setting description. Remember to use your five senses e.g. what can you see?



Week commencing:29/06/2020


Practise making one number in different ways. If your children are struggling to add mentally, use objects such as coins, cheerios etc. 


Create a family tree. This can be done through drawing, painting and labelling.

Week commencing:22/06/2020


Use practical objects such as biscuits, paper plates and cakes to investigate fractions. Focus on 1 whole, halves and quarters.



Create a poster about Sparkbrook! You can draw pictures of places you like to go and write down lots of interesting facts. 


Week commencing:15/06/2020


Create a price list labelling snacks your child likes to eat. When they are hungry and would like a snack, they must use their money to buy a snack. This will help your child recognise coins and make amounts.



Use the videos below and practise spelling tricky words. How many tricky words can you spell?



Week commencing:08/06/2020


Work with your child to create a clock using a paper plate and then practise telling the time. 


Creative project

Use recycled milk bottles to create a bird feeder for your garden. You can decorate it with crayons, paper and gems.



Thank you to everyone who has been emailing us pictures of the fantastic work Year 1 have been doing at home. Well done Year 1!

Please continue emailing us. The email addresses for 1K and 1S are at the top of this page.smiley

Week commencing:01/06/2020

Whole school home learning activity - let's get moving!


Mr Pulley wants you to get off the sofa, outside, moving and having fun this week! Please complete his activity challenges (go to the 'Keep ACTIVE at home' page).

Remember to email us pictures of your completed work.

Half Term Holiday Activities

Reading Activities: Watch and discuss these videos of  Year 1 books being read with your child. 



Shape hunt! Look for 2D and 3D shapes around your house. How many shapes can you find?


Eid celebrations

Many families will be celebrating Eid soon. Choose one of the recipes below and work with your child to make either refreshing Mango Lassi or delicious Coconut Squares.  We would love to see pictures of you celebrating Eid.  So please email us pictures of you in your new clothes or any other Eid celebrations taking place in your homes.smiley

Eid Mubarak to all those families who will be celebrating Eid!




Week commencing:18/05/2020

Practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s using objects such as coins, socks or sweets.




Create a map of your house or garden. This can be done through drawing, colouring or using recycled items.



We have really enjoyed looking at all the work you are doing at home. Please continue to send us emails of your amazing work !yes

Let's be kind!smiley

In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 and the theme of kindness, we are encouraging everyone to get mentally healthy by spreading a little kindness.

This calendar, designed to be used throughout Mental Health Awareness Week, encourages pupils to do two acts of kindness each day – one for someone else and one for themselves.



You could also:

  • Share a snack with a family member.
  • Draw a picture for someone.
  • Help your parents when they are doing jobs around the house.


Remember to also be kind to yourself! You could:

  • Do arts and crafts.
  • Play with your pet if you have one.
  • Read your favourite book or watch your favourite film.

Let's join hands home project!

Year 1 Passport - lots of ideas to keep your children happy! Download below.

Year 1 Passport - download here.

Here are some activities you can have a go at:

Whole school home learning Rainbow Project!

We would like every child/family in school to create a rainbow picture to display in a window at home. Please read the home learning document below for details!

Home Learning Activities

Have a go at this maths work!



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